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070824_MF | NurbsField v2.0

Interesting results for me as the latest outputs are very similar than a previous work from me – within “Play” a DRL group back in 2003; I was there experimenting with particles dynamics within 3dsMax; it took adges on a pentium 2 or 3 to calculate each frames! I left for the Christmas break for 12 days and when I came back my computer was still calulating frames…
Here within rhinoscript it is still not “Fast” but now I do understand the math behind the paramters of those 3dsMax “space warp”…

070817_MF | NurbsField v1.0



for every pt: sum of attractions = direction; sum of directions in time = path
the sum of paths = nurbsfield; fast track test…

070808_MF | XYc (revisited)

while trying to understand several cases still triggering some important issues on a recurent research about “tayloring nurbs surfaces into non-trinagulated panels”, theverymany has been revisiting an old project: “XYc” (as X or Y components projected flat onto a planes normal to the surface…)

070806_Tesselation: Flat Panels On Nurbs Surface

Updates an on going research within the studio on how to create a taylor ornementation pattern onto an host nurbs surface with flat panels which are not triangulated – in that option specific option the panels are connected “air tight” (within one specific condition of double curvature only).


“Expressionism is the tendency of an artist to distort reality for an emotional effect; it is a subjective art form.” (Ie

a photography is a registration of reality; its expressionist distortion with the collage of a result of an explicit process of design is a certain form of ironie on a sunday night…


very first test or what i would qualify as a “performative computational design sketch” – yet it does look wild – which within the field of “explicit design process” is often consider as “not in control” – I accept the critic – though that one has more thoughts embeded in terms of pre-rational emergent design process that it does look like…

repetition within subdivision – can’t argue yet about it as still requires more development – more should come…

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