080130_Exhibition: Aperiodic_Vertebrae

THEVERYMANY has been set up based on a continuum research on explicit and encoded protocols within design – the first implicit consequence of its core is to let traces; those traces – often under the format of simple text files – allow to exactly reproduce or alter the model, eventually share axioms… but it somehow also requires to admit and assume those traces, if so, one can learn from mistakes, errors and/or tolerances of previous stages or generation based on feed back…

Yesterday was the kick start in Berlin of the assembly process for the installation -once again the amount of components generated through a long chaine of various small codes / utilities has directly revealled “dirt”/issues hidden behind a fast/furious seamless process… yet nothing extraordinary beyond the purpose of a physical mock up: large scale test for a complete automate pipe line of form & drawing generation…

One of the significant issue we came across is related to the nature of tiling and computation – the subdivision algorythm is based on a recursive protocol (or SUBSTITUTION) which is first drawing a primitve pyramide (within a choice of four primitives) which then gets subdivide – the process is repeated many times within itself to generate self-similarity… the issue there is that within each generation the protocol requires to “compare” (points, lenght, areas, etc…) and that matching process needs to determine whether two geometry or parameters are “equal” given an inevitable rounding errors… unfortunately the rounding errors are bound to accumulate whithin each generation…

Yet it wasn’t any special issue except when point connection gets generated and therefore requires to increase the tolerance factor not to miss any neighbors… though applying overal tolerance is triggering other error trapping while small naming or matching utilities code are running as host on the larger protocol…

Anyway – suming up it is yet still triggering slight erros and confusion – though I’d like to be transparent and learn within those error trapping – it is defintively part of a certain material paradigm debugging…

Let see which surprises are we getting tomorrow…
“a chaque jour sa peine…”


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