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111028 @ PIN-UP Magazine

Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY has kindly been featured within the latest issue of PIN-UP Magazine (No. 11, Fall Winter 2011/12) – many thanks to Felix Burrichter.

The feature include the following (and very kind) introduction by Aranda\Lasch:

Marc Fornes, who founded his firm THEVERYMANY in 2002, was among the first architects to convincingly employ scripting and computation in design, and remains one of the most influential. Through workshops all around the world, as well as his heavily trafficked website, Fornes has introduced a generation of students and young practitioners to new design possibilities. Typically seductive, mind-bendingly complex, and lovingly rendered, these forms are now oozing out of every crack in the architecture blogosphere, which Fornes refers to as the “digital soup“. There is nothing how soupy about his own work, however, which stands out not only because of the strange and exciting forms he produces, but because of his maniacal drive to actually build them. In a very short period of time, with the help of very many people, Fornes has managed to build a great number of experimental installations. Neither buildings nor models of buildings, they are fabricated from industrial materials, support weight, and create inhabitable space – examples of what Fornes calls “prototypical architecture.” They’re never easy to do but in the end it’s the accountability of built realization that drives Marc’s computational research, the rigorous investigations of geometry, materials, and assembly bringing the depth often missing in computer renderings. These installations also make the work much more accessible, and lay plain the way that the very many bits of information, the very many exquisitely machined metal parts and the very very many rivets come together in a singular architecture. Building is how these very many become one.