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Patrik Schumacher on Art &/vs Architecture

Extract from Patrik Schumacher (Zaha Hadid Architects) recent argumentation published on Face Book that followed the release of Architecture Biennale program:

Once more on the distinction and relation between art and architecture:

Historically painting, sculpture and architecture were a continuous practice engaged in by the same protagonists (Michelangelo, Rafael, Bernini etc.) for a unified purpose. Why am I insisting on the sharp distinction of contemporary art and architecture? In order to allow us to see the radically new arena of discourse-practice that is contemporary art as an utterly boundless, freewheeling platform of experimentation outside of all immediate instrumentality and thus necessarily without any responsibility … contemporary art is pure provocation, stimulation, confronting this world with possible other worlds. Architecture – like many other instrumental practices (technology, communication design, filmmaking, advertising, political activism) – like art’s stimulation and instrumentalize it as elements in their respective practices. The most creative protagonists of these disciplines might even temporarily enter the art-arena to fund and show their experimental work in its early not yet functional state. Avant-garde architects do this too – e.g. we have done this via experimental installations, Marc Fornes is another of many examples, in fact nearly all avant-garde architects use the art world in this way. These works are art-works within the art-world as long as they lack instrumentality. These works are works of architecture within our discipline as long as they point beyond themselves towards an architectural performance (instrumentality). The orientation of the respective discourses (which only overlap in these artefacts themselves as points of reference) is very different, the communicative chains diverge, the respective criteria of success (of art and architecture) pull in diametrically opposed directions. Works of architecture aim towards a framing role in everyday life, facilitating social purposes that are set by architecture’s clients/users rather than by the architects. (There is the odd one out: the projects of Francois Roche – an artist who mistakes himself as architect – are art rather than architectural designs, they are entirely intended as provocative statements, meant to function as contrarian comments on the world or upon an urban or institutional reality rather than constructing or contributing to an everyday reality. … Its great, stimulating (art-)work !!!)

The framing communications that architects provide are attributed to the host institutions that invite participants into their spaces and not to the architects.
However, there can be a stimulating architecture inserted into everyday life that offers moments of provocation subverting habits of seeing, moving, living. However, these provocations/subversions can only be partial, subsidiary moments within the performance of these respective architectures. They operate as mutating moments within the ongoing everyday instrumentality of the architecture. (They too will/must be attributed to the host institution rather than to the architect.) Although it makes sense to talk here about an artistic moment or potential within architecture, this does not transform this piece of architecture into a piece of contemporary art. Deconstructivism was meant to operate like this. We could also talk about moments of mutation, perturbation leading to innovation … art is pure stimulation, “professional” perturbation … architecture is at its best as transmuted and appropriated everyday instrumentality … the protagonists are also very different, a totally different cast of characters: Damien Hirst vs Richard Rogers, Moriko Mori vs Kazuyo Sejima etc. etc. (.. and … just to test this with respect to my categorization of Francois Roche’s work: in which line up does Francois Roche fit? …

(Francois, I hope you don’t take offence at my reflections on you as a “category mistake” … your work, disciplinary position and persona are theoretically very intriguing, the exception that confirms the rule, the paradigm case or exemplar that allows the demarcation problem to be made concrete and could be discussed with a degree of specificy … but that would be another post.)

Patrik Schumacher, March 2014

101020_MF @Boston | GSD Midterm review

Marc Fornes was kindly invited by Achim Menges for the midterm review of his studio at Harvard/GSD. As last year the studio presented an extensive and rigourus research on the properties of wood veneer (anisotropic and hygroscopic behaviour ) as the starting point for the development of 1/1 prototypic structures. Great work!

100616_MF Jury @REPEAT / TexFab

Marc Fornes has been invited by TexFab to be within the jury of REPEAT – a competition about Digital Fabrication.

The winning entry will be built , exhibited and subsequently given to the winner. The design and fabrication of the piece will be paid for in full by TEX-FAB and installed to coincide with the TEX-FAB exhibition REPEAT, in February. NO design fee will be paid. Estimated value of the winning entry is 10,000 USD.

Jury: Patrik Schumacher (head of jury), Marc Fornes, Lisa Iwamoto, Chris Lasch, Blair Satterfield

Many thanks to TexFab / Kevin Patrick McClellan, Andrew Vrana, Brad Bell

100604_TVMNY & Robot(s)

TVMNY having fun with robots @PSU… (many thanks to David Celento/PSU)

One robot has a potential – what about many robots?  (playing with 6 ABB 6 Axis)


(will be completed on the side column as confirmation & precision arrive):

– 2008.FALL: M.F. is co-teaching a design studio at GSAPP – Columbia University / New York, US (invitation: Francois Roche / R&Sie(n)) (one more webLog!!)

– 2008.FALL: M.F. is co-teaching this year cross-over studio 08/09 at die Angewandte – Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien, Institut für Architektur / Vienna, AU (invitation: Francois Roche / R&Sie(n)) (and a last one!!!)

– 2008.09.18: M.F. lectures at the Rhino reseller meeting 2008 in Barcelona / Spain (invitation: Carlos Perez / McNeel)

– 2008.09.20: M.F. lectures at C.STEM 2008, Arte Generativa, Sistemi Elettronici e Software-art / Torino, Italy (invitation: Fabio Franchino)

– 2008.09.22-23: M.F runs a two days Rhinoscript workshop for McNeel Europe in Paris (invitation: Carlos Perez / McNeel)

– 2008.10.08-09-10: M.F. lectures at the “EleganTech” conference in Mexico City, Mexico (invitation: Gabriel Esquivel) – CANCEL!!!

– 2008.10.24-25: M.F. is the curator for the European section of the Architecture Beijing Biennale (present for the opening – October 24th) / Beijing, CHINA (invitation: Neil Leach)

Back from summer vacation after a long road trip crossing the US:
8500miles (13700 km) through 22 states, stopped in 21 cities, many national parks (Arches, Zion, Death Valley, Mojave, Grand Canyon,…), and much more “rencontres” and memories…

– (OHIO) > Cincinnati
– (INDIANA) > Indianapolis
– (KANSAS) > Kansas City
– (COLORADO) > Denver
– (UTAH) > Moab – Page – Hurricane
– (CALIFORNIA) > Mammoth Lake – SAN FRANCISCO – Santa Barbara – Palm Springs – Needles
– (ARIZONA) > Flagstaff
– (NEW MEXICO) > Albuquerque
– (TEXAS) > Amarillo – Dallas – Houston
– (TENNESSEE) > Nashville

for the record – fuel prices going from 3,24 (Houston, Texas) to 5.79 (Death Valley, California) per gallon…


Currently working in parallel on many projects/collaborations while being temporally delocated back and forth to Europe (currently in Paris) – here is a fast furious post to log on three future events I will be participating within the coming two weeks: MIND08 (New York), SIMAE (Barcelona), NODE08 (Barcelona)


– MIND08 Design and the Elastic Mind Symposium (New York)

Marc FORNES & SKYLAR TIBBITS will be giving a talk entitled “Partly surface”;

Friday, April 4 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
Parsons The New School For Design
Tishman Auditorium
66 West 12th Street, New York City

Collaboration between science and design is yielding a radical new way of visualizing, understanding, and manipulating the natural world. MIND08 is a conference, presented by Seed and MoMA and inspired by Design and the Elastic Mind, which aims to catalyze this convergence. Bringing together an eclectic group of speakers and participants, including leading scientists, designers, and architects, the conference will explore topics such as the personal genome, brain visualization, generative architecture, and collective design. MIND08 is an opportunity to interact with the ideas and thinkers transforming our visual and intellectual landscape.

“Experiments in Organic Design”
11:15 AM – 12:45 PM Introduction by Paola Antonelli and Adam Bly
Neri Oxman – Materialecology
Erik Demaine – Computational Origami
Bradley Samuels – Nature and Artifice
Skylar Tibbits / Marc Fornes – Partly Surface
Greg Lynn – New City


– SIMAE Contemporary Techniques, New Strategies (Barcelona)

Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY will be giving a talk (Friday April 11th)

2008 International Architecture Symposium
9-11 April 2008

Everything we see and witness around us is affected by technological progress and the force of social issues, especially the economic factors of our times. We have experienced fundamental, irreversible changes in a myriad of contexts: globalization, the technological and digital revolution, and new production systems, with delocalization to other continents, and their subsequent increase in purchasing power. These changes even affect the delicate balance of our ecosystem.

SPEAKERS (Friday 11th)
Denis Dollens ( EXODESIC / Santa Fe Art Institute )
Frederic Fol Leymarie ( University of London, UK )
Alvin Huang & Alan Dempsey ( Future Systems Architects, UK )
Marc Fornes ( THEVERYMANY, USA )
Joan Guash ( RDI, Grans Projectes ASCAMM )
Alberto Estevez ( Director Ma Arquitectura Biodigital EsArq_UIC )

Bernard Cache ( Objectile, France )
Evan Douglis ( Chairman, Pratt School of Architecture, USA )
Ali Rahim ( University of Pennsylvania PennDesign, USA )

Moderated by Evan Douglis
Special Guest: Alejandro Zaera ( FOA, UK )


– NODE08 (Frankfurt)

THEVERYMANY ( Marc Fornes & SKYLAR TIBBITS ) will be giving a talk entitled “Explicit&Encoded” and setting up “APERIODIC VERTEBRAE v2.0”;


NODE08 is dedicated to the arts of digital media. Whether its about media art, controlling lighting systems, interactions with the real world, synaesthetic experiences or video projections into 3d spaces – either way, software becomes the central working media. The focus of this event lies in the workshops and speeches in which artists, designers, architects and the technical minded share their knowledge and works by means of various exhibitions and situations with the Luminale audience. Meet renowned artists from all over the world and developers who – inspired by the many possibilities – realize a great deal of their projects employing the software project vvvv, which started out in Frankfurt am Main.

Symposium moderated by Eno Henze at the Velvet Club
(Weissfrauenstrasse 12-16, Frankfurt)

Joreg + Sebastian Gregor + Sebastian Oschatz + Max Wolf
Paul Prudence (
Berthold Scharrer “SINE Matters – computed geometry in architecture”
Herbert W. Franke “Grafik aus dem Computer – Auf dem Weg zum Cyberspace”
Casey Reas ( “FORM + CODE”
What are the relationships between code (computer programs) and visual form? This presentation is centered around seven themes: What is Code?, Computers and Form, Repetition, Transformation, Parameters, Visualization, and Simulation. Using these themes as a foundation, the history of procedural and algorithmic work is discussed through examples from visual design, art, and architecture.
Mark Fornes & Skylar Tibbits (THEVERYMANY) “Explicit & Encoded”
Regine Debatty ( “Genetically Modified Art”
Verena Kuni – “back to the future”.

080131_Exhibition: Aperiodic_Vertebrae (day4)

Generator.x 2.0: beyond the screen…” an exhibition curated by Marius Watz at the DAM(Berlin) with works by Jared Tarbell (US), Commonwealth (US), Theverymany (FR/US), Leander Herzog (CH), Marius Watz (NO) and participants of the Generator.x 2.0 Workshop…

THEVERYMANY (Marc Fornes, Skylar Tibbits) / Aperiodic_Vertebrae
LOG_assembly_day_04: things are going smoother – one day to go before the opening…

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