2010 Sukkah City


“it will but could…” | Sukkah City | Union Square, NYC | Sept 19th

Design & computation: MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY™ ©2010

An experiment within a certain form of fragility, (un)stability : a dynamic structure, balancing very thin and fragile material with possible geometrical strength and stiffness of double curvature – “it will but could…”


Once corrected in order to meet NYC code… (maximum height of 10′ for temporary structures without any special authorization )

Sukkah as sum of its parts:
49 722 holes
25 000 rivets
10 420 text
5 257 unique parts
120 hours of CNC
60 sheets of walnut veneer

One of the four prototypes; selected solution: two layers, each layer a different behavior of agents…

10 days of assembly! MANY helpers…

Inside/Out : 10 out of the 11 modules assembled.
The three polyps on the top were pre-assembled yet not directly placed on the top in order to be able to go through the main door of the space and meet NYC transportation constraints regarding heights.

This is the last time it has been seen standing!

It since collapsed under tension of its straps on its way to Union square… it was followed by a long fight and multiple resurrections by the many volunteers all happening in the middle of a very crowded plaza, curious of the spectacle… yet if the skin is the structure and one break the skin… time to accept its faith and let it purposely necrosis under its weight…

Fragile if ever a quality might probably be how far can you go too far…

More images of the “cadavre exquis” to come…