2010 Times Square

FLUTTERING HEARTS | Times Square, New York | Invited competition | 11.2010

Fast track project for the Times Square Alliance Valentine’s Day Heart invited competition.

Design: MARC FORNES :: THEVERYMANY™ ©2010-11

Design team: Marc Fornes (principal) & Claudia Corcilius, Peter NGuyen, Jeff Quantz
Descriptive geometry: Marc Fornes in Python/Rhinocommon SDK

Budget: 10 000$

2 days design charrette
Thank you to Ben & Chris at Aranda \Lasch for the opportunity.

Design problematic: Valentine day & what could it potentially be represented with?
A network / collaborative structure? tangling /weaving? Opening up and shaping up flowers? Eventually in the form of multiple happy hearts? Maybe even pink? Yet  far from being perfectly shaped or even cartoonish alike the project proposes hearts alike that are hesitant, flowers struggling to open… In the middle of such an intense & noisy place as Time Square, the structure couldn’t be perfect. At the opposite it wants to embed its struggle to exist in the middle of such ambient stress – though far from being a symbol of resistance, counter model or “mal de vivre” – it rather romantize it, somehow like the end of a European movie, a different type of beauty, highly fragile – even fluttering….

FLUT.TER | Verb / Noun

.Move or fall with a light irregular or trembling motion

.(of a person) Move restlessly or uncertainly

.(of a pulse or heartbeat) Beat feebly or irregularly

.A state or sensation of tremulous excitement

.Undesired oscillation in a part of an aircraft under stress

.Disturbance of the rhythm of the heart that is less severe than fibrillation

.Rapid variation in the pitch or amplitude of a signal, esp. of recorded sound

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