2015 Texas State

MARC FORNES THEVERYMANY Texas State Public Art Pavilion Aluminum Digital Fabrication Rhino GH Python

MARC FORNES THEVERYMANY Texas State Self Supported Pavilion Aluminum Shingles Digital Fabrication

2015 | Texas State | Prototypical structure
Design & computation: MARC FORNES & THEVERYMANY

Winning entry!

The specific site location offers a unique opportunity for a major public art piece of this kind to take advantage of the characteristics and special conditions of it. The space has an inherent potential to reach a higher audience, not only students and visitors, but catching the attention of a much larger public. Immersed within a constant fl ow of pedestrians and vehicles, both local and foreign, the piece will stand out as a delightful opportunity for visual interaction and will become a representative icon for the promenade and the campus. To create a place as a starting-point, and adapting a one-of-a-kind process to the goal, the project ends in the enhancement of an existing symbol of identity, both visual and functional. We address the site-specifi c needs through the specifi c design, using materials and forms as key factors in creating a bold display. One of the main features of the proposal is the extension of the entry plaza to the building, taking advantage of it and expanding it to both infl uence and be infl uenced by the structure. This functional characteristic guarantees intense use and seamless integration with the building, its landscape and urban qualities.

The project takes on several roles: an art piece, a space for both retreat and interaction, and an enhancement of the visual identity of the new residence hall and the campus at large. With these intrinsic qualities, the artwork celebrates the notion of perception, place, and innovation with an aesthetically pleasing addition to the cultural and artistic qualities of the company. It is our goal for the art to not only serve the campus, but also to resonate with a larger audience and amplify the beauty of the building and its surroundings.

We address the site needs through the design, using materials and form as key factors in creating a bold display. A concrete bench is proposed as an element to enhance peer interaction and intense use. This complements and contrasts with the smooth and ever-shining outer surface which brings a sense of playfulness to the piece. This playfulness will both welcome and see off visitors from the campus and the road which passes aside the gate.

The overall experience of the project focuses on the diversity of possible perspectives, as well as the practical aspects and function. The overall geometry provides the opportunity to perform within and to exploit the possibilities of the location. The dimensions of the project make it visible from the proximities of the context, but without ever subtracting importance from the building itself, only making it stand stronger.


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