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Marc Fornes keynote speaker at Banff Session 2014

Marc Fornes will be keynote speaker for “Beyond Boundaries” at Banff Session 2014 (May 2-3, Canada) together with Kai-Uwe Bergmann from BIG, Andreas Gjertsen from TYIN (Trondheim, Norway), Sasa Radulovic & Johanna Hurme from 5468796 Architecture (Winnipeg, Canada) and Jared Della Valle from Alloy Development (Brooklyn, US)

Publication | CAADRIA 2012: Beyond codes and Pixels

The work of MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY™ is the main subject of a pier reviewed article called “Prototypical Architecture” (title borrowed from THEVERYMANY’s agenda)  by Djordje Stojanovic and featured within  ” CAADRIA 2012 conference: Beyond Codes and Pixels ”.


Lecture | Proto/E/Co/Logics 02

Marc Fornes will give a talk as part of Proto/E/Co/Logics 02 – “the field is open” – symposium curated by Alisa Andrasek and Bruno Juricic in Croatia.

111025 Marc Fornes @ TED 2012

Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY™ has been awarded a TED 2012 Fellowship – and will give a first talk at the 2012 TED conference in Long Beach. Looking forward!

110526_MF @GD NYU


MARC FORNES :: THEVERYMANY™ has kindly been invited to the GLOBAL Design: Elsewhere Envisioned exhibition & symposium in NYC.

GLOBAL Design: Elsewhere Envisioned | Exhibition | NYU | Opening May 25th.
NYU Gallatin Labowitz Main Gallery, One Washington Place on May 25, 2011. 

GLOBAL Design: Elsewhere Envisioned | Symposium | NYU | May 26th.


“The Executive Committee of Architecture at Gallatin, NYU will present the 2011 GLOBAL [Global Local Open Border Architecture and Landscape] speaker series and exhibition.  The event is entitled; GLOBAL Design: Elsewhere Envisioned.
GLOBAL Design NYU has as its mission to bring together current designers, educators, and innovators who are clustered in certain locations, but whose work is far-reaching in outlook.
The GLOBAL Design lecture series are comprised to showcase potent innovation processes as it relates to visionary architecture, urbanism, ecological planning, and how this process of innovation ties to education.
In our inaugural year the panel discussions bring together world-renowned urbanists, historians and theorists.  We are excited to offer the exhibition this year at the prestigious NYU Gallatin Labowitz Main Gallery, One Washington Place on May 25, 2011.”

110221_MF @CCA | San Francisco

San Francisco | CCA / California College of the Arts | 2011 Feb 21st | 7-9pm

Marc Fornes will give a talk on the latest work of THEVERYMANY™.
Many thanks to Ila Berman, Andrew Kudless & Jason Johnson  for their kind invitation.

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