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Online auction for Egg-Shell for   charity event in NYC (LINK)

28809-1395779232-99 Marc Fornes-xl


Marc Fornes keynote speaker at Banff Session 2014

Marc Fornes will be keynote speaker for “Beyond Boundaries” at Banff Session 2014 (May 2-3, Canada) together with Kai-Uwe Bergmann from BIG, Andreas Gjertsen from TYIN (Trondheim, Norway), Sasa Radulovic & Johanna Hurme from 5468796 Architecture (Winnipeg, Canada) and Jared Della Valle from Alloy Development (Brooklyn, US)

THEVERYMANY at the opening of the FRAC Centre


MARC FORNES & THEVERYMANY‘s Calder pavilion at the opening of the new building of the FRAC Centre, Orleans/France


Still in shape for a temporary structure of less then 1mm thick!

photo courtesy David Basulto (FlickR)

Release | RhinoNest V3.0 (for Rhino v5 64bits)


Very pleased to announce the release of RhinoNest 3.0
(now running on Rhino v5 64bits!)

Project on the DVD cover by MARC FORNES & THEVERYMANY

nonLin/Lin Pavilion, permanent collection of the FRAC Centre, 2011
photo by Francois Lauginie

Lecture | Die ANGEWANDTE – Sliver Lecture Series


MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY will lecture at Die Angewandte (University of Applied Arts Vienna) as part of their Sliver lecture series (March 5th).


Public Art | INRIA | Rennes, France | winning entry!



MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY won the commission for their 1% Artistique proposal (Public Art project) for the INRIA (Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique) in Rennes, FRANCE!

Many thanks for the support:
– INCEPTION Gallery, Paris

Acquisition | Permanent collection of the CNAP



DAW / Double Agent White – the pavilion / large scale installation produced by MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY during his Artist Residency at the Atelier Alexander Calder (in Sache, France) – has been acquired within the permanent collection of the CNAP!

Many thanks for their support to:
– Alfred Pacquement ( Director of the CENTRE POMPIDOU )
– Marie-Ange Brayer ( Director of the FRAC Centre )

Catalog | Phillips de Pury / MOSS

MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY™s Coracae screen is included within the catalog MOSS: Dialogues between Art & Design, an auction at Phillips de Pury.

Video | Centre Pompidou – Marc Fornes

CENTRE POMPIDOU | Collections contemporaines, Paroles d’artistes, Marc Fornes


111028 @ PIN-UP Magazine

Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY has kindly been featured within the latest issue of PIN-UP Magazine (No. 11, Fall Winter 2011/12) – many thanks to Felix Burrichter.

The feature include the following (and very kind) introduction by Aranda\Lasch:

Marc Fornes, who founded his firm THEVERYMANY in 2002, was among the first architects to convincingly employ scripting and computation in design, and remains one of the most influential. Through workshops all around the world, as well as his heavily trafficked website, Fornes has introduced a generation of students and young practitioners to new design possibilities. Typically seductive, mind-bendingly complex, and lovingly rendered, these forms are now oozing out of every crack in the architecture blogosphere, which Fornes refers to as the “digital soup“. There is nothing how soupy about his own work, however, which stands out not only because of the strange and exciting forms he produces, but because of his maniacal drive to actually build them. In a very short period of time, with the help of very many people, Fornes has managed to build a great number of experimental installations. Neither buildings nor models of buildings, they are fabricated from industrial materials, support weight, and create inhabitable space – examples of what Fornes calls “prototypical architecture.” They’re never easy to do but in the end it’s the accountability of built realization that drives Marc’s computational research, the rigorous investigations of geometry, materials, and assembly bringing the depth often missing in computer renderings. These installations also make the work much more accessible, and lay plain the way that the very many bits of information, the very many exquisitely machined metal parts and the very very many rivets come together in a singular architecture. Building is how these very many become one.

110719 TVMNY win BOFFO Building Fashion

Exciting news:  TVMNY win BOFFO Building Fashion 2011 Design Competition! (link)

MARC FORNES // THEVERYMANY™ will be designing Irene Neuwirth‘s Pop Up Store in New York! (Sept. 22 – Oct. 5 2011)

20110800 | TVMNY featured in Scripting Cultures

MARC FORNES :: THEVERYMANY™ featured within:

Scripting Cultures: Architectural Design and Programming from Prof. Mark Burry

Published by Wiley | August 2011

With scripting, computer programming becomes integral to the digital design process. It provides unique opportunities for innovation, enabling the designer to customise the software around their own predilections and modes of working. It liberates the designer by automating many routine aspects and repetitive activities of the design process, freeing-up the designer to spend more time on design thinking. Software that is modified through scripting offers a range of speculations that are not possible using the software only as the manufacturers intended it to be used. There are also significant economic benefits to automating routines and coupling them with emerging digital fabrication technologies, as time is saved at the front-end and new file-to-factory protocols can be taken advantage of. Most significantly perhaps, scripting as a computing program overlay enables the tool user (designer) to become the new tool maker (software engineer). Though scripting is not new to design, it is only recently that it has started to be regarded as integral to the designer’s skill set rather than a technical speciality.  Many designers are now aware of its potential, but remain hesitant.  This book treats scripting not only as a technical challenge, requiring clear description, guidance and training, but also, and more crucially, answers the question as to why designers should script in the first place, and what the cultural and theoretical implications are.
This book:

– Investigates the application of scripting for productivity, experimentation and design speculation.
– Offers detailed exploration of the scripting of Gaudí’s final realised design for the Sagrada Família, leading to file-to-factory digital fabrication.
– Features projects and commentary from over 30 contemporary scripting leaders, including Evan Douglis, Marc Fornes, Sawako Kaijima, Achim Menges, Neri Oxman, Casey Reas and Hugh Whitehead of Foster + Partners.

110706 | THEVERYMANY on Twitter

Stay tuned for the updates on on Twitter :


110706 FIRST PLACE | Creve Coeur, St-Louis, MO

MARC FORNES :: THEVERYMANY, LLC and VOLKAN ALKANOGLU win the competition for a bus stop in the city of CREVE COEUR (ST-Louis, MO).

Congratulation to the entire team! Looking forward to build it!

110506 FRAC Centre | Assembly (4/40)

FRAC Centre | Assembly | 10% : 4 modules / 40…


110507 TVMNY @ AUDI Urban Future, NYC

AUDI – URBAN FUTURE NYC | Exhibition | New York | 05.07.2011

Design: MARC FORNES & THEVERYMANY™ – 3D prints by Z Corporation (link)

Audi / Urban Future  (link) : Project New York developed by Stylepark – curator of the larger Audi Urban Future Intiative – to select emerging firms to execute and curate an aspect of an exhibition during the New Museum’s Festival of Ideas for the New City. Architect teams were invited by Architizer (link) [Ryan Quinlan, Programming Director] to imagine a future New York City.  

Openhouse Gallery
201 Mulberry Street, New York
May 7, 12pm-7pm, May 8/9, 11am–7pm

110420 FIRST PLACE | Redondo Beach, California

MARC FORNES :: THEVERYMANY™ and VOLKAN ALKANOGLU have been awarded FIRST PLACE for their Public Art Project proposal for Redondo Beach, California. (Engineering: Will Laufs / Buro Happold)

Congratulation to the entire team! Looking forward to build it!

110500 Public Art Project | Creve Coeur, Missouri

MARC FORNES :: THEVERYMANY™ and VOLKAN ALKANOGLU have been shortlisted for a Public Art Project in Creve Coeur, MO.

Engineering: Will Laufs / Buro Happold

Design in progress / more to come…

110406 Centre Pompidou, Paris

Opening April 6th, 2011

Y/Surf/Struc* | Centre Pompidou, Paris (4th floor)

*project part of the permanent collection of the Centre Pompidou, Paris.

Design: MARC FORNES :: THEVERYMANY™ ©2010-11

“from surface condition to structural network”

101200 Public Art Project | Redondo Beach, California

MARC FORNES :: THEVERYMANY™ and VOLKAN ALKANOGLU have been shortlisted together for a Public Art Project in Redondo Beach, California.

Engineering: Will Laufs / Buro Happold

110209_MF @ Princeton University

Princeton, NJ| Princeton University School of Architecture | Feb 9th | 6pm

Marc Fornes will give a talk on the latest work of THEVERYMANY™ — a small experimental studio focusing on research into the field of design, computation & prototypical structures — and its reality (and exotism into such field) of being a “free electron” not part of (and supported by) any larger academic institution.

Many thanks to Axel Kilian for his kind invitation and Stan Allen for making it possible.


Marc Fornes, Meejin Yoon, Fabian Scheurer, Helmutt Pottman, Casey Reas / Ben Fry, Christian Derix

110321-31_F(AA)SHIONS | AA Visiting School Paris

PARIS | F(AA)SHIONS | AA Visiting Workshop | 21-31st March 2011
Director: Jorge Ayala | Location: Musee des Arts Decoratifs, Paris

Marc Fornes has kindly been invited to run one of the studio at the f(AA)shions workshop / one of the visiting workshop of Architectural Association School that will be hosted at the Musee des Arts Decoratifs in Paris.

Paris AA Visiting School Website – link   |   Application:

Marc will propose to his group a special type of workshop in a two steps process:

# First to be part of the assembly process for an installation by THEVERYMANY™ for the Centre Pompidou in Paris. The piece will be assembled at the Centre** and will give a chance for the students to experience the process &  logistic involved around the physical production of complex morphologies resulting from the development of highly custom protocols of descriptive geometry (written in Python / Rhcommon).

# Then will initiate the students to text based protocols/scripting (RhinoPython/Rhinoscript) – and investigate a similar design approach then the installation through applied exercises on the human morphology and study multiple ways to describe it…

Looking forward…

** in order to be able to enter the closed floor of the Centre each students will need to be personally insured with “responsabilite civile” and to sign a discharge.

100915_ TVMNY in Contemporary Digital Architecture

Dimitris Kottas | Contemporary Digital Architecture: Design & Techniques

Many thanks to Dimitris Kottas for featuring some of MARC FORNES & THEVERYMANY™ works.

“This book presents the latest developments of digital technologies in the field of architecture. It seeks to show how architecture as a discipline has been radically reshaped by the changing technological developments in both hardware and software, and to discuss how these changes have enabled the realization of new and unexpected areas of experimentation. As such Contemporary Digital Architecture demonstrates how all aspects of digital technologies have influenced each stage of the creative process from the initial exploration of ideas to the construction of the final work and its interaction with the user.” – Dimitris Kottas.

Barcelona, 2010. 22.4 x 22.6cm, colour illustrations, 387pp. Paperback.

110221_MF @CCA | San Francisco

San Francisco | CCA / California College of the Arts | 2011 Feb 21st | 7-9pm

Marc Fornes will give a talk on the latest work of THEVERYMANY™.
Many thanks to Ila Berman, Andrew Kudless & Jason Johnson  for their kind invitation.

101112_MF @Woodbury School of Architecture

Los Angeles | Woodbury School Of Architecture | Nov. 12th – 6pm

Marc Fornes will give a talk on the latest work of THEVERYMANY™. Many thanks to Ingalill Wahlroos-Ritter, Barbara Bestor and Jennifer Bonner for their kind invitation.

101010_MF @MARK

MARK Magazine latest issue (#28 – Oct/Nov 2010) is featuring an interview of Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY™ by Terri Peters.

100823_TVMNY @Sukkah City | NYC

THEVERYMANY has been selected as one of the 12 winners of the Sukkah City competition who are invited to build a temporary Sukkah structure on Union Square, NYC.

Please join us for the opening on Union Square – September 19th.

Jury: Michael Arad, Ron Arad, Rick Bell, Allan Chochinov, Matias Corea, Paul Goldberger, Steven Heller, Natalie, Jeremijenko, Maira Kalman, Geoff Manaugh, Thom Mayne, Thomas de Monchaux, Ada Tolla, Adam Yarinsky.

Sukkah City 2010 Winners: (on 600 entries)
Dale Suttle, So Sugita, and Ginna Nguyen – New York, NY
Henry Grosman and Babak Bryan – Long Island City, NY
Ronald Rael, Virginia San Fratello – Oakland, CA
Kyle May and Scott Abrahams – New York, NY
Peter Sagar – United Kingdom
tinder, tinker – Sagle, ID
Matthias Karch – Berlin, Germany
Matter Practice – Brooklyn, NY
Volkan Alkanoglu – Los Angeles, CA
Bittertang – Brooklyn, NY
SO-IL – Brooklyn, NY

100616_MF Jury @REPEAT / TexFab

Marc Fornes has been invited by TexFab to be within the jury of REPEAT – a competition about Digital Fabrication.

The winning entry will be built , exhibited and subsequently given to the winner. The design and fabrication of the piece will be paid for in full by TEX-FAB and installed to coincide with the TEX-FAB exhibition REPEAT, in February. NO design fee will be paid. Estimated value of the winning entry is 10,000 USD.

Jury: Patrik Schumacher (head of jury), Marc Fornes, Lisa Iwamoto, Chris Lasch, Blair Satterfield

Many thanks to TexFab / Kevin Patrick McClellan, Andrew Vrana, Brad Bell

100610-12_TVMNY @MIAMI | AIA Convention |McNeel

TVMNY @ AIA National Convention | Miami | June 10-12th 2010

Marc Fornes has been invited by McNeel US to display a piece within the Software pavilion.

That new prototypic structure has been produced at Penn State.

Many thanks to David Celento & Jamie Heilman at PSU for the invitation & support.

Image of the prototype | place holder for more…

(images and full credits to come…)

100604_TVMNY & Robot(s)

TVMNY having fun with robots @PSU… (many thanks to David Celento/PSU)

One robot has a potential – what about many robots?  (playing with 6 ABB 6 Axis)

100401_TVMNY @ CHICAGO | Extension Gallery

CHICAGO | Extension Gallery | Opening Thursday 1st April
THEVERYMANY will present a new prototypic structure…
(FM lecture @ 6pm)

Design: THEVERYMANY / Marc Fornes
Research team: Marc Fornes, Skylar Tibbits, Brandon kruysman, John Proto
Production team: Mathew Staudt, Brandon kruysman, John Proto + many…
Assembly team: Marc Fornes, Mathew Staudt, Brandon kruysman, John Proto + many…

625 N. Kingsbury Street
Chicago, Illinois 60654

(invitation: Paula Palombo)

100325_TVMNY @ PARIS | Synesthesie Galerie

PARIS | Galerie Synesthesie | Opening Thursday 25th March
THEVERYMANY will present a new prototypic structure…

Design: THEVERYMANY / Marc Fornes
Design team: Marc Fornes, Mathew Staudt
Assembly team: Marc Fornes, Skylar Tibbits, Veronica Emig + many…
Fab: Jared Laucks

15 rue Denfert Rochereau

090907_TVMNY @LYON(FR) | Galerie Roger Tator (3)




LYON (FRANCE)| nEdg| Galerie Roger Tator | 090907
THEVERYMANY (Marc Fornes, Skylar Tibbits, Mathew Staudt, Jared Laucks)
(invited as part of “parcours raisonance” of the Lyon Art Biennale)
14 September – 27 November (extended…)

n|Edg” as the sum of its parts:
2 compound surfaces
2796 individual surfaces (from 3 to n edges)
5375 holes

n|Edg” assembly is written within continuous series of investigations at different scale:

– the overall: development of protocols of surface relaxation – in order for the surface to generate best fit curvature in response to fix hanging or support points (floor, ceiling, walls) as curvature – despite generating apparent complexity – also provides natural structural stiffness.

– surface description (or sampling): re-understanding the resultant surface as series of points – which densities are relative to the degree of curvature – the more curvature the more points and eventually parts.

– surface reconstruction (or tessellation): previous work focused on describing complex surfaces with flat components – after working for different “high end” architectural and design practices – the only way to keep pushing non standard environments is to introduce the economy of parts as part of the equation – therefore early tests were first looking at ways to triangulate complex surfaces – and therefore strategize on panels cut within flat sheets of material – which very quickly evolved toward what is now the trendy “arrays of quads” components paradigm. “n|Edg” is now investigating the reconstruction of a surface with polygonal parts going from three edges to (n) number of edges.

– informed customization: each part is similar though not identical – its change of size and proportion is therefore allows to describe different radius of curvature – but also local re-reading of orientation is driving the length and width of branches – the flatter, the wider in order to provide more surface alike coverage.

top surface reconstruction

bottom surface reconstruction

pattern extract

090907_TVMNY @LYON(FR) | Galerie Roger Tator (2)(Assembly)

LYON (FRANCE) | nEdg | Galerie Roger Tator | 090907
THEVERYMANY | Marc Fornes, Skylar Tibbits, Mathew Staudt, Jared Laucks
(invited as part of “parcours raisonance” of the Lyon Art Biennale)
14 September – 27 November

Few night shots…
(timing: end of assembly – before final surface twicks)





090907_TVMNY @LYON(FR) | Galerie Roger Tator (1)(Assembly)

LYON (France) | nEdg | Galerie Roger Tator 090907
(invited as part of “parcours raisonance” of the Lyon Art Biennale)
14 September – 13 November

While waiting for a screws delivery for a new installation (due to open tomorrow!) I have finally few minutes to start posting images from that one…

4 suitaces (flying from New York to Lyon)
81.6kg (max weight allowed for two people + tolerances)
38.274 m2
0.025” thick Golden Anodized Aluminum
22 sheets 4’*8’
6 days to CNC cut
2796 individual panels (from 2 to n edges)
2796 tags (3 to 5digits)
5375 holes
6500 rivets (or 13 boxes)
5 rivet guns

10 days installation
10 people


091104_TVMNY @NYC | Material Connexion

THEVERYMANY @ BITS’N PIECES | Material Connexion | New York
Opening November 4th 2009
Invitation: Dries Verbruggen with Alissia Melka-Teichroew & Jan Habraken
Material Connexion

Once more many parts…

091001_TVMNY @LYON | Galerie Roger Tator (proposal)(2)

LYON (France) | n|Edg | Galerie Roger Tator 091409
(invited as part of the “parcours raisonance” of the Lyon Art Biennale)

Few more images sent as part of an early proposal:
OPT01 | “Up Down” | inverted terrain

OPT02 | “Ground up” | inflated morphology

Early tests of “surface reconstruction”:

090925_TVMNY @LYON | Galerie Roger Tator (proposal)

LYON (France) | n|Edg | Galerie Roger Tator 091409
(invited as part of the “parcours raisonance” of the Lyon Art Biennale)

Despite the installation has already open – I am somehow forced to respect the linear story telling of the blog format – so here are the very first images sent as proposal to the Galerie Roger Tator…

Here the focus of the research was to investigate the tessellation of a double curve surface beyond triangle and arrays of quad – is it possible to generate parts going from three sides to n number of sides?

090906_TVMNY @NYC | Elga Wimmer Gallery (3)

NEW YORK | MODOID | Elga Wimmer Gallery

Marc Fornes, Skylar Tibbits, Mat Staudt,
Jared Laucks, Brandon Kruysman, Jon Proto,…



While on its way…


What that one is finally about…


090906_TVMNY @NYC | Elga Wimmer Gallery (2)



NEW YORK | MODOID | Elga Wimmer Gallery

(pictures while assembling)

Marc Fornes, Skylar Tibbits, Mat Staudt,
Jared Laucks, Brandon Kruysman, Jon Proto,…

Extending beyond edges and boundaries in art & architecture
August 27 – September 19, 2009 (Tuesday – Saturday noon-6:00pm)

Curated and produced by Kelsey Harrington & Christine Yogiaman

Elga Wimmer Gallery
526 West 26th St, # 310 NY NY 10001
t. 212 206 0006 c.401 316 4303


090906_TVMNY @LYON | Galerie Roger Tator

n|Edg | Gallery Roger Tator | Lyon (France) | September 2009
THEVERYMANY | Marc Fornes, Skylar Tibbits, Mathew Staudt
Opening: Monday, September 14th


090906_TVMNY @NYC | Elga Wimmer Gallery (1)

NEW YORK | OVERLAP | Elga Wimmer Gallery
August 27 – September 19, 2009 (Tuesday – Saturday noon-6:00pm)
Reception: Wednesday September 9th 6:00-9:00pm

THEVERYMANY | Marc Fornes, Skylar Tibbits, Mathew Staudt, Jared Laucks, Brandon Kruysman, Jon Proto

THEVERYMANY has been invited by Kelsey Harrington & Christine Yogiaman to produced not so much a piece/installation than encourage to try/test/experiment… the focus this time was not so much on a procedural level neither on a geometrical level – but rather on testing a material technique…

As pretentious as it can sound – research even in design is “somehow” like solving the Cancer – one has to focus on tiny steps – though still keeping in mind the larger picture…

MODOID – is one of those tiny steps – though still within THEVERYMANY usual agenda of procedural, large scale, short timing and low budget experimental framework…
the first of new series – so operative failures to be expected…
though come and see…




ALOBLUMS Valparaiso (Chile) August 2009
THEVERYMANY / Marc Fornes, Skylar Tibbits, Mathew Staudt
+ collective BANGS & many students from the workshop…

marc fornes installation. from ameliechucky on Vimeo.

Many thanks to Pablo C. Herrera for the video…


ALOBLUMS | Valparaiso (Chile) | August 2009

Design Team: Marc Fornes, Skylar Tibbits, Mathew Staudt
Assembly team: collective BANGS and many students from the workshop…




sphereoid – 2m (6′) approx. diameter…
70 modules (4 types)…
12 sheets of golden anodized aluminum…
cnc cut in Philadeplhia (Continental Signs)…
3700 rivets…
all packed with me on the plane as 2 check in bags (40 and 35 pounds)…



Many thanks to the collective BANGS for the invitation – especially Marcela Godoy for making that workshop happen…

Eduardo Hirose, Daniel Concha, Diego Moreno, Juan Pablo Klempau, Felipe Valdebenito, Pablo Banda, Francisco Quitral, Hermann Zbindenn, José Luis Guzmán, Victor Bunster M., Drago Vodanovic, Claudio Troncoso, Tomas Jacobsen, Miguel Aravena, Pablo Silva
Francisco Calvo, Camila Rock De Luigi, Francisco Lara, Oscar Terrazas , Gabriel Santander, Oscar Ignacio Contreras, Hernán Castro, Natalija Boljsakov, Brian Miller, Manuel Díaz, Rodrigo Ramírez, Gonzalo Andrade, Andre Geoffroy, Matias Carrera…

Pablo Barría, Begoña Arellano, Claudio Astudillo, José Narea,, Marcela Godoy, Linda Schilling

Pablo C. Herrera, Tristan Al Haddad…

090804_TVMNY @NYC | BRIDGE GALLERY (re)configured

NEW YORK | Bridge Gallery | Echinoids (re)configured

How many people do actualy believe in “failures“?

I do! – while giving talks/lectures I am often arguying about it – “operative failures” – in philosophy, empiricism is a theory of knowledge which asserts that knowledge arises from experience – one of many ways to gain experience is through test and trials – and within the recent jump in scale of the digital craft and the “Do it yourself” paradigm – experience requires failures…

Experiencing failure within prototypes – yes! – and despite often being displayed within art gallery THEVERYMANY’s “constructs” are partly installation partly prototypes – though not so much prototypes to see if the systems is actually going to fail? – but rather when? – can failures be expected? – even better anticipated up to embodied within the geometrical system tested potential response?

the lion sat” – a localized part of Echinoids v1.0 slowly saddled – it didn’t break but suffered from “fatigue” – unexpected failure? – blind future? – I would argue for curated ones…

Temporary installation are related to time – but also budget – aggregate systems and their inherent qualities are highly depending on numbers – unfortunately numbers are often the exact opposit vector to time/budget – then if no budget the system requires carefull compositionnal search methods to maintain a scale large enough to be experienced by its viewer as architectural artefact – homogeneity could be one way to go – unfortunately spreading the elements all accross the construct while maintaining structural integrity often requires down sizing…

“until where can one go too far?”

Echinoids system is based on calculated risk – calculated risk is different from denying risk or maximising efforts to avoid falires – here the aggregate is designed through variation of desnties – balancing strengh and weakness – fully closed macro-systems as stable larger parts and low density members at transitional areas – a curated aggregate system allowing within its own geometric nature possible partial re-configuration – “explosion” as safe away exit strategy – allowing second lifes for a piece: from construct to environment

That (re)configuration is only the first one possible – and therefore to be followed along the summer for eventual other ones…


Echinoids | THEVERYMANY | Bridge Gallery | 2009 | nyc

“-oid” is derived from the Latin suffix -oides taken from Greek and meaning “having the likeness of”. Thus it is a suffix much used in the sciences and mathematics to indicate a “similarity, not necessarily exact, to something else”.
Thus Rhomboid means “like a rhombus”. Because -oid denotes similarity, not necessarily exact, but can also denote exactness, in chemistry the suffix refers to a very large class of related compounds, natural and/or synthetic. Examples include steroid (of which sterols are just one smaller group) and alkaloid.
(ie wikipedia)

From many parts…
Long. 13.5ft – Larg. 5ft – Height 7.5ft
530 modules
25 Sheets (4*8″) Walnut veneer (800 Sft) + olive oil
1600 of Elastic bras straps (Brown, Black, Navy Blue)
4500 screws

To logistic of parts…
Lacing time: 1/2h/module – 40 modules/day!


THEVERYMANY | Marc Fornes with Skylar Tibbits, Mat Staudt


Once more many parts…

98 Ochard Street New York NY 10002
Opening: Thursday July 9th
(as part of the collective show “Wild child” curated by Peter Macapia)


It is all about “rustic computation“…

Full credits shared with the MANY who made this installation possible…
Also many thanks to PRATT INSTITUTE and our friends at ANYLINE NYC for the laser cutting…


Proposal for an installation:
The scheme was part of a design call under the theme of “Explosion”…


THEVERYMANY very much acknowledge the fact that – even though it focuses exclusively its research and practice on what it self-defines as “explicit and encoded” techniques of design (also described by Marc Fornes as “text based morphologies”) – any design process – whenever based on a top down “idea” or theme – requires first a process of translation back into the design paradigm which is very much based on selective reading, subjective interpretations and analogies…

An explosion is a sudden increase in volume and release of energy in an extreme manner, usually with the generation of high temperatures and the release of gases. An explosion creates a shock wave.
A dust explosion is the explosive combustion of a dust suspended in air in an enclosed location, which results in harmful effects of overpressure, thermal radiation, and ensuing projectiles.
Deflagration (Lat: de + flagrare, “to burn down”) is a technical term describing subsonic combustion that usually propagates through thermal conductivity (hot burning material heats the next layer of cold material and ignites it). Most “fire” found in daily life, from flames to explosions, is technically deflagration.
Detonation is a process of combustion in which a supersonic shock wave is propagated through a fluid due to an energy release in a reaction zone. It is the more powerful of the two general classes of combustion, the other one being deflagration. In a detonation, the shock compresses the material thus increasing the temperature to the point of ignition. The ignited material burns behind the shock and releases energy that supports the shock propagation. This self-sustained detonation wave is different from a deflagration, which propagates at a subsonic rate (i.e., slower than the sound speed in the material itself). Because detonations generate high pressures, they are usually much more destructive than deflagrations.
A shock wave (also called shock front or simply “shock”) is a type of propagating disturbance. Like an ordinary wave, it carries energy and can propagate through a medium (solid, liquid or gas) or in some cases in the absence of a material medium, through a field such as the electromagnetic field. Shock waves are characterized by an abrupt, nearly discontinuous change in the characteristics of the medium.
When a shock wave passes through matter, the total energy is preserved but the energy which can be extracted as work decreases and entropy increases. This, for example, creates additional drag force on aircraft with shocks.



While that design proposal isn’t about “reproducing”, “simulating” or even “mimicking” the esthetic of an explosion – the project is proposing a very articulated geometrical assembly based on specific and curated themes extracted within the field of explosion…

Projectiles – the project is investigating the concept of numerous “parts” able to produce a non linear assembly – all the parts owns to a precise initial catalogue and can be reconfigured in a similar manner then projectiles can be re-assembled (in theory) into their original parent morphology…
Increase of volume – the project is looking at ways to create volume from planar components all CNC cut from sheet based materials…
Propagation through medium – while there is a very limited amount of initial geometrical primitives – the project investigates construction sequence through color differentiation across the entire construct…
Enclosed location – well…

To be continued…

Proposal for: SELFRIDGES London October 2008
Design: ©THEVERYMANY / Marc Fornes
Team: Marc Fornes with Skylar Tibbits
Scripting: Marc Fornes

080406_MF FOR C-Space | Automatic(Notche+Unroll)



(credits: original photos by Arkfinder via CONTEMPORIST)

[C]space is the winning competition entry in the ‘AADRLTen’ Pavilion project, an advanced technology concrete structure that will be erected in Bedford Square,London. The AADRL10 exhibition will open on the 22 February 2008 and the Pavilion will officialy open on 13 March 2008 along with the release of the DRL10 Book. The structure is being designed and developed by Alan Dempsey and Alvin Huang with Adams Kara Taylor and members of the DRL. (


In advance of the work on site, the team built a 1:10 scale model to do a final check on the fit of all 850 peices. The model uses 3mm thick mdf, which is about twice the thickness of the real elements so the real structure will look even more delicate than the model…..but it will still come to around 30 tons of concrete and 7 tons of steel. (


This post is finally an update about a consultancy job done already quite some times ago now (last November!); THEVERYMANY was then asked by Alving Huang /[C]SPACE Pavilion to write some codes to generate all the assembly notches at the intersection of the structural members and automatically unroll their profiles; the different codes were finally wrapped up within a vb.NET plug-in.

(credits: original photo by photographer Philippe Brysse)


Alan Dempsey / Alvin Huang
Material Consultants: Wolfgang Rieder, Maria Pixner, Gerhard Enn,
Arnold Leiter, Bodo Röder
Structural Engineers: Hanif Kara, Reuben Brambleby,
Oliver Bruckermann, Jugatx Ansotegui
3D Scripting Consultants: Marc Fornes, Eugene Han
Construction Team: João Bravo da Costa, Arnold Leiter,
Aditya C Chandra, Alan Jinsoo Kim, Jwalant Mahadevwala,
Rashiq Muhammad Ali and current Phase 1 students, DRL V.11.1

Special respect to Alvin Huang for the quality of the design… and congrats to everyone else involved!!!

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