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Press | Design Bureau

MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY™  nonLin/Lin Pavilion project is featured within the latest issue of Design Bureau (# January/February 2012).

Press | Marc Fornes in Connaissance Des Arts

MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY™ is featured within the latest issue of ” Connaissance Des Arts ” Magazine (N0 700 – January 2012)

p98-99 : “Marc Fornes dans la troisieme dimension

110600 | M.F. featured in PIN UP Magazine

Marc Fornes has been featured by Felix Burrichter from PIN UP Magazine (link) as part of 10 emerging architecture offices in New York – together with Aranda\Lasch, Leong Leong, Peter Macapia, Marc Kushner,…

20110800 | TVMNY featured in Scripting Cultures

MARC FORNES :: THEVERYMANY™ featured within:

Scripting Cultures: Architectural Design and Programming from Prof. Mark Burry

Published by Wiley | August 2011

With scripting, computer programming becomes integral to the digital design process. It provides unique opportunities for innovation, enabling the designer to customise the software around their own predilections and modes of working. It liberates the designer by automating many routine aspects and repetitive activities of the design process, freeing-up the designer to spend more time on design thinking. Software that is modified through scripting offers a range of speculations that are not possible using the software only as the manufacturers intended it to be used. There are also significant economic benefits to automating routines and coupling them with emerging digital fabrication technologies, as time is saved at the front-end and new file-to-factory protocols can be taken advantage of. Most significantly perhaps, scripting as a computing program overlay enables the tool user (designer) to become the new tool maker (software engineer). Though scripting is not new to design, it is only recently that it has started to be regarded as integral to the designer’s skill set rather than a technical speciality.  Many designers are now aware of its potential, but remain hesitant.  This book treats scripting not only as a technical challenge, requiring clear description, guidance and training, but also, and more crucially, answers the question as to why designers should script in the first place, and what the cultural and theoretical implications are.
This book:

– Investigates the application of scripting for productivity, experimentation and design speculation.
– Offers detailed exploration of the scripting of Gaudí’s final realised design for the Sagrada Família, leading to file-to-factory digital fabrication.
– Features projects and commentary from over 30 contemporary scripting leaders, including Evan Douglis, Marc Fornes, Sawako Kaijima, Achim Menges, Neri Oxman, Casey Reas and Hugh Whitehead of Foster + Partners.

100915_ TVMNY in Contemporary Digital Architecture

Dimitris Kottas | Contemporary Digital Architecture: Design & Techniques

Many thanks to Dimitris Kottas for featuring some of MARC FORNES & THEVERYMANY™ works.

“This book presents the latest developments of digital technologies in the field of architecture. It seeks to show how architecture as a discipline has been radically reshaped by the changing technological developments in both hardware and software, and to discuss how these changes have enabled the realization of new and unexpected areas of experimentation. As such Contemporary Digital Architecture demonstrates how all aspects of digital technologies have influenced each stage of the creative process from the initial exploration of ideas to the construction of the final work and its interaction with the user.” – Dimitris Kottas.

Barcelona, 2010. 22.4 x 22.6cm, colour illustrations, 387pp. Paperback.

101001_MF&TVMNY @Greg Lynn Visual Catalogue

VISUAL CATALOG: GREG LYNN’s STUDIO at the University of Applied Arts Vienna includes images of the work of Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY™. Many thanks to Greg Lynn, Kristy Baillet & Brennan Buck.

101010_MF @MARK

MARK Magazine latest issue (#28 – Oct/Nov 2010) is featuring an interview of Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY™ by Terri Peters.