WAN 21 for 21

Very pleased to announce that MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY is the recipient of a WAN 21 for 21 Award!



Long list of 21 for 21 WAN Awards 2014


MARC FORNES /THEVERYMANY is on the long list for 21 for 21” WAN AWARDS 2014 !! Fingers crossed… (LINK)

THEVERYMANY part of Faberge TheBigEggHunt NYC


Online auction for Egg-Shell for   charity event in NYC (LINK)

28809-1395779232-99 Marc Fornes-xl


Patrik Schumacher on Art &/vs Architecture

Extract from Patrik Schumacher (Zaha Hadid Architects) recent argumentation published on Face Book that followed the release of Architecture Biennale program:

Once more on the distinction and relation between art and architecture:

Historically painting, sculpture and architecture were a continuous practice engaged in by the same protagonists (Michelangelo, Rafael, Bernini etc.) for a unified purpose. Why am I insisting on the sharp distinction of contemporary art and architecture? In order to allow us to see the radically new arena of discourse-practice that is contemporary art as an utterly boundless, freewheeling platform of experimentation outside of all immediate instrumentality and thus necessarily without any responsibility … contemporary art is pure provocation, stimulation, confronting this world with possible other worlds. Architecture – like many other instrumental practices (technology, communication design, filmmaking, advertising, political activism) – like art’s stimulation and instrumentalize it as elements in their respective practices. The most creative protagonists of these disciplines might even temporarily enter the art-arena to fund and show their experimental work in its early not yet functional state. Avant-garde architects do this too – e.g. we have done this via experimental installations, Marc Fornes is another of many examples, in fact nearly all avant-garde architects use the art world in this way. These works are art-works within the art-world as long as they lack instrumentality. These works are works of architecture within our discipline as long as they point beyond themselves towards an architectural performance (instrumentality). The orientation of the respective discourses (which only overlap in these artefacts themselves as points of reference) is very different, the communicative chains diverge, the respective criteria of success (of art and architecture) pull in diametrically opposed directions. Works of architecture aim towards a framing role in everyday life, facilitating social purposes that are set by architecture’s clients/users rather than by the architects. (There is the odd one out: the projects of Francois Roche – an artist who mistakes himself as architect – are art rather than architectural designs, they are entirely intended as provocative statements, meant to function as contrarian comments on the world or upon an urban or institutional reality rather than constructing or contributing to an everyday reality. … Its great, stimulating (art-)work !!!)

The framing communications that architects provide are attributed to the host institutions that invite participants into their spaces and not to the architects.
However, there can be a stimulating architecture inserted into everyday life that offers moments of provocation subverting habits of seeing, moving, living. However, these provocations/subversions can only be partial, subsidiary moments within the performance of these respective architectures. They operate as mutating moments within the ongoing everyday instrumentality of the architecture. (They too will/must be attributed to the host institution rather than to the architect.) Although it makes sense to talk here about an artistic moment or potential within architecture, this does not transform this piece of architecture into a piece of contemporary art. Deconstructivism was meant to operate like this. We could also talk about moments of mutation, perturbation leading to innovation … art is pure stimulation, “professional” perturbation … architecture is at its best as transmuted and appropriated everyday instrumentality … the protagonists are also very different, a totally different cast of characters: Damien Hirst vs Richard Rogers, Moriko Mori vs Kazuyo Sejima etc. etc. (.. and … just to test this with respect to my categorization of Francois Roche’s work: in which line up does Francois Roche fit? …

(Francois, I hope you don’t take offence at my reflections on you as a “category mistake” … your work, disciplinary position and persona are theoretically very intriguing, the exception that confirms the rule, the paradigm case or exemplar that allows the demarcation problem to be made concrete and could be discussed with a degree of specificy … but that would be another post.)

Patrik Schumacher, March 2014

Marc Fornes keynote speaker at Banff Session 2014

Marc Fornes will be keynote speaker for “Beyond Boundaries” at Banff Session 2014 (May 2-3, Canada) together with Kai-Uwe Bergmann from BIG, Andreas Gjertsen from TYIN (Trondheim, Norway), Sasa Radulovic & Johanna Hurme from 5468796 Architecture (Winnipeg, Canada) and Jared Della Valle from Alloy Development (Brooklyn, US)

Outdoor amphitheatre, Merriweather Park


Yesterday was the public meeting in Columbia, MD to reveal of our project for an outdoor amphitheatre within Merriweather Park.

Design & computation: MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY
Structure, MEP, Lighting: ARUP NY
Structural support: Will Laufs, LED NY
Completion: 2015

Out of Hand | Museum of Art and Design, NYC


MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY is very pleased to announce that two of its “body armors / dancers” part of the Body Parts series have been included within the exhibition “Out of Hand” at the MAD / Museum of Art and Design, NYC. Thank you to Ron Labaco for the invitation.

About the Exhibition
Out of Hand: Materializing the Postdigital will explore the many areas of 21st-century creativity made possible by advanced methods of computer-assisted production known as digital fabrication. In today’s postdigital world, artists are using these means to achieve levels of expression never before possible – an explosive, unprecedented scope of artistic expression that extends from sculptural fantasy to functional beauty. Out of Hand will be the first major museum exhibition to examine this interdisciplinary trend through the pioneering works of more than 80 international artists, architects, and designers, including Ron Arad, Barry X Ball, Zaha Hadid, Stephen Jones, Anish Kapoor, Allan McCollum, Marc Newson, and Roxy Paine. Represented will be some of the most compelling creations from the past decade ranging from sculpture and furniture to fashion and transport.

Organized by MAD curator Ron Labaco, Out of Hand will be on view at MAD beginning fall 2013 (October 16, 2013 to July 6, 2014). It will be the first museum show to consider the impact of these new, revolutionary methods of computer-assisted manufacture on fine art, design, and architecture, and will introduce the public to the imaginative expression that these emerging processes enable. Through this exhibition, MAD will explore a monumental transition in the way human beings understand creation, from the earliest objects conceived and produced by individual makers through the tools of technological innovation. Today’s digital fabrication methods such as 3D printing, CNC (computer-numerically-controlled) machining, and digital knitting unite divergent artistic approaches, offering new opportunities for individual artists, architects, and designers to integrate these skills as vital part of their personal creative processes, representing the fruits of a new movement.

The exhibition will be accompanied by an active roster of public and educational programs, from workshops and lectures to curriculum-based programs serving K-12 students, as well as in-gallery interactive stations. A series of master classes featuring the designers and technology including in the exhibition will be scheduled, programs designed to engage visitors in the creative processes of artists at work and to reveal the far-reaching potential of many of these new technologies.

Major support for Out of Hand: Materializing the Postdigital is generously provided by Infor and the Creative Industries Fund NL. Additional support has been provided by the Consulate General of the Netherlands, Dassault Systèmes, Design Flanders, and Toyota, as well as KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, the official airline of MAD. Major in-kind support for the exhibition has been provided by Shapeways and LuciteLux.

MaHouse on site!

131009_photo 2_PS_Fornes_S

Construction has started! MaHouse on site…

THEVERYMANY at the opening of the FRAC Centre


MARC FORNES & THEVERYMANY‘s Calder pavilion at the opening of the new building of the FRAC Centre, Orleans/France


Still in shape for a temporary structure of less then 1mm thick!

photo courtesy David Basulto (FlickR)

First Foosball /Babyfoot tournament at the studio!


MARC FORNES & THEVERYMANY‘s first informal Foosball /Babyfoot tournament between many young architecture/design/engineers offices in New York:

Aranda\Lasch, Gage/Clemenceau,, SITU, SO-IL, CMMNWLTH, Young Porjects, Michael Young, TerreformONE, LaufsED, Alvin Huang, and more…

Today 5pm!

Design During Art symposium, AIA Europe

MARC FORNES will talk at the Design During Art symposium organized by the AIA Europe to coincide with ART BASEL and DESIGN MIAMI (Basel, June 12th). The symposium will discuss the “The Architect That Makes Everything

Recipient of the 40th Annual Interior Design Award by IIDA

MARC FORNES & THEVERYMANY is the recipient for the 40th Annual Interior Design Award by International Interior Design Association (IIDA).

Release | RhinoNest V3.0 (for Rhino v5 64bits)


Very pleased to announce the release of RhinoNest 3.0
(now running on Rhino v5 64bits!)

Project on the DVD cover by MARC FORNES & THEVERYMANY

nonLin/Lin Pavilion, permanent collection of the FRAC Centre, 2011
photo by Francois Lauginie

@THEVERYMANY | Bonzini foosball table


Look what just arrived @THEVERYMANY – our very own Bonzini foosball table!

Point of view: while currently most of the architecture research studios are investing in over trendy DIY 3D printers (the new laser cutter!) – we on the other end believe that a professional foosball table can potentially generate more creativity since not as formatting as a medium of production while triggering far more productive exchange – and 100% more


Louis Vuitton – Yayoi Kusama Pop Up | A+ Jury Award!!


It is official: we are happy to announce that our LOUIS VUITTON – YAYOI KUSAMA Pop Up Store is the recipient of the A+ Jury Award (link) within the pop up store category!

Collaboration LOUIS VUITTON – Yayoi Kusama
Executive architect: MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY

Selfridges, London

THEVERYMANY featured on World Architecture News

MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY is featured on World Architecture News (WAN) as practice of the week:

Lecture | Die ANGEWANDTE – Sliver Lecture Series


MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY will lecture at Die Angewandte (University of Applied Arts Vienna) as part of their Sliver lecture series (March 5th).


A+ Awards | LOUIS VUITTON Pop Up store Finalist!

We are pleased to announce that LOUIS VUITTON – YAYOI KUSAMA Pop Up store is a finalist for the A+ Awards for Commercial / Pop Ups typology .

The project is currently competing for the Jury Award and Popular Choice award.

We need your support in the popular choice award – please vote for the project here:

Executive architect: MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY
Innovation: first carbon fiber self-supported shell applied to architecture

Public Art | INRIA | Rennes, France | winning entry!



MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY won the commission for their 1% Artistique proposal (Public Art project) for the INRIA (Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique) in Rennes, FRANCE!

Many thanks for the support:
– INCEPTION Gallery, Paris

Acquisition | Permanent collection of the CNAP



DAW / Double Agent White – the pavilion / large scale installation produced by MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY during his Artist Residency at the Atelier Alexander Calder (in Sache, France) – has been acquired within the permanent collection of the CNAP!

Many thanks for their support to:
– Alfred Pacquement ( Director of the CENTRE POMPIDOU )
– Marie-Ange Brayer ( Director of the FRAC Centre )

Public Art | 2013 Capital Projects Artist Pool


MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY has been selected by the Public Art San Antonio (PASA), a division of the Department for Culture and Creative Development for the City of San Antonio – for the 2013 Capital Projects Artist Pool (CPAP).

Catalog | Phillips de Pury / MOSS

MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY™s Coracae screen is included within the catalog MOSS: Dialogues between Art & Design, an auction at Phillips de Pury.

Book | Generative Design

MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY™’s work is published within Generative Design: Visualize, Program and Create with Processing.

Just received this amazing book from Princeton Press! Most probably one of the best book on the topic! I would highly recommend it  to anyone interested in Graphic, Data visualization, Processing…  (with simple samples codes to get started for the one interested). A very nice present…

Generative Design
Visualize, Program, and Create with Processing
Hartmut Bohnacker, Benedikt Gross, Julia Laub
8 x 11 in / 472 pp / 1500 color illustrations
$100.00 / hardcover
ISBN 978-1-61689-077-3

Publication date: September 2012

Generative design is a revolutionary new method of creating artwork, models, and animations from sets of rules, or algorithms. By using accessible programming languages such as Processing, artists and designers are producing extravagant, crystalline structures that can form the basis of anything from patterned textiles and typography to lighting, scientific diagrams, sculptures, films, and even fantastical buildings.

Generative Design opens with a gallery of thirty-five illustrated case studies, drawn from the work of graphic designers, sculptors, architects, and other visual artists, including Stefan Sagmeister, THEVERYMANY, Eno Henze, Janne Kyttanen, Golan Levin, Jonathan Puckey, Marius Watz and Casey Reas.

A step-by-step how-to manual follows, guiding users through specific, practical instructions on how to create their own visual experiments by combining simple-to-use programming codes with basic design principles. A detailed handbook of advanced strategies provides visual artists with all the tools to achieve proficiency. Generative Design is the definitive showcase, study, and reference for this exciting, emerging field.

Press | Harvard Design Magazine #35

MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY™ is kindly featured within the latest article from Preston Scott Cohen ” The Hidden Core of Architecture” published within Harvard Design Magazine #35.

Interesting… not sure if temporality is not only a necessary by product in order to artificially capitalize building experience as large physical objects (since the only thing one can afford when self-founded) and therefore hopefully trust from potential clients to grow experimentation in scale and eventually permanency…

Press | Architecture Australia

MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY™’s Atelier Calder project “DAW / Double Agent(s) White” is featured within Stanislav Roudavski‘s article entitled “Frontier Learning” published in the vol 101 Sept/Oct issue of Architecture Australia.

Publication | CAADRIA 2012: Beyond codes and Pixels

The work of MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY™ is the main subject of a pier reviewed article called “Prototypical Architecture” (title borrowed from THEVERYMANY’s agenda)  by Djordje Stojanovic and featured within  ” CAADRIA 2012 conference: Beyond Codes and Pixels ”.


Lecture | Proto/E/Co/Logics 02

Marc Fornes will give a talk as part of Proto/E/Co/Logics 02 – “the field is open” – symposium curated by Alisa Andrasek and Bruno Juricic in Croatia.


Marc Fornes will give a lecture as part of the ARCHITECTURE + EXPERIMENTATION Conference Cycle 2012 organized by “Maison de l’Architecture du FRAC Centre“.

Tuesday June 26th 2012 – Mediatheque d’Orleans

Press | Journal des Arts

MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY™ s piece for Art Paris – and commissioned by Inception Gallery, Paris – is featured in the latest issue of “Le Journal des Arts” (#365 | 16-29 March 2012)

Lecture / Workshop | TexFab / San Antonio

Marc Fornes will run a Python workshop as part of the “Applied Research through Fabrication” TexFab conference in San Antonio, Tx – April 14-15 2012

Video | Centre Pompidou – Marc Fornes

CENTRE POMPIDOU | Collections contemporaines, Paroles d’artistes, Marc Fornes


Shortlisted | EPFL Pavillions (Place Cosandey)

Within a Paris / New York / Lausanne team of Architects and Engineer – MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY™ is part of one of the 12 teams shortlisted for the second turn of the competition for the EPFL – Espaces et pavillons sur la place Cosandey

TEAM ( Paris / New York / Lausanne ) :
in Paris :
in New York :
in Lausanne :

Construction budget :  20 Milions CHF

– Un Montreux Jazz Lab ;
– Un pavillon d’accueil et de présentation de l’EPFL, un lien d’interface entre la technologie
et la culture.
– Un pavillon culturel et artistique

Press | Marc Fornes in Beaux Arts Magazine (March)

MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY™ is featured within ” The Future Of Architecture ” in the latest issue of “ Beaux Arts ” Magazine (March 2012)

Press | Design Bureau

MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY™  nonLin/Lin Pavilion project is featured within the latest issue of Design Bureau (# January/February 2012).

Press | Beaux Arts Magazine

Alan Seban – President of the Centre Pompidou – photographed under “y/Surf/Struc” by Marc Fornes & THEVERYMANY and published within Beaux Arts Magazine.

ps: the installation is still on the 4th floor…

Press | New York Times

Marc Fornes / Irene Neuwirth / Faris Al-Shathir in the New York Times…

(…/…) “the architect Marc Fornes to transform a former jewelry boutique into a phantasmagoric concept store, with terrarium displays and gold, coral-shaped scultures that looked liked something out of “Barbarella”

All the congrats to Faris! and many thanks for the invitation to Boffo!

THEVERYMANY “New Practices New York 2012” AIA

MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY has been awarded one of the “New Practices New York 2012” by the AIANY.

Many thanks to the jury and the AIA NY (American Institute of Architects New York Chapter)

Press | Marc Fornes in Connaissance Des Arts

MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY™ is featured within the latest issue of ” Connaissance Des Arts ” Magazine (N0 700 – January 2012)

p98-99 : “Marc Fornes dans la troisieme dimension

111025 Marc Fornes @ TED 2012

Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY™ has been awarded a TED 2012 Fellowship – and will give a first talk at the 2012 TED conference in Long Beach. Looking forward!

111028 @ PIN-UP Magazine

Marc Fornes / THEVERYMANY has kindly been featured within the latest issue of PIN-UP Magazine (No. 11, Fall Winter 2011/12) – many thanks to Felix Burrichter.

The feature include the following (and very kind) introduction by Aranda\Lasch:

Marc Fornes, who founded his firm THEVERYMANY in 2002, was among the first architects to convincingly employ scripting and computation in design, and remains one of the most influential. Through workshops all around the world, as well as his heavily trafficked website, Fornes has introduced a generation of students and young practitioners to new design possibilities. Typically seductive, mind-bendingly complex, and lovingly rendered, these forms are now oozing out of every crack in the architecture blogosphere, which Fornes refers to as the “digital soup“. There is nothing how soupy about his own work, however, which stands out not only because of the strange and exciting forms he produces, but because of his maniacal drive to actually build them. In a very short period of time, with the help of very many people, Fornes has managed to build a great number of experimental installations. Neither buildings nor models of buildings, they are fabricated from industrial materials, support weight, and create inhabitable space – examples of what Fornes calls “prototypical architecture.” They’re never easy to do but in the end it’s the accountability of built realization that drives Marc’s computational research, the rigorous investigations of geometry, materials, and assembly bringing the depth often missing in computer renderings. These installations also make the work much more accessible, and lay plain the way that the very many bits of information, the very many exquisitely machined metal parts and the very very many rivets come together in a singular architecture. Building is how these very many become one.

110929 THEVERYMANY @MateriO Self-Structure

MARC FORNES & THEVERYMANY is part of the exhibition Self-Structure organized by MateriO at the Lieu du Design in Paris (30 Sept – 17 December 2011).

1204-07 | M.F. Awarded a residency at Atelier Calder

Marc Fornes has been awarded a residency at the Atelier Calder (link)

Many thanks for their kind support to:
– Alfred Pacquement (President Atelier Calder / Director of the Musée National d’Art Moderne, Centre Pompidou)
– Marie Ange Brayer (Director FRAC Centre)


110600 | M.F. featured in PIN UP Magazine

Marc Fornes has been featured by Felix Burrichter from PIN UP Magazine (link) as part of 10 emerging architecture offices in New York – together with Aranda\Lasch, Leong Leong, Peter Macapia, Marc Kushner,…

110719 TVMNY win BOFFO Building Fashion

Exciting news:  TVMNY win BOFFO Building Fashion 2011 Design Competition! (link)

MARC FORNES // THEVERYMANY™ will be designing Irene Neuwirth‘s Pop Up Store in New York! (Sept. 22 – Oct. 5 2011)

110718 BOFFO Building Fashion

BOFFO / Building Fashion | Benefits | Tonight! (link)

The 5 architects winners for the designer’s pop up store will be revealed tonight.

We’ll be there 😉

20110800 | TVMNY featured in Scripting Cultures

MARC FORNES :: THEVERYMANY™ featured within:

Scripting Cultures: Architectural Design and Programming from Prof. Mark Burry

Published by Wiley | August 2011

With scripting, computer programming becomes integral to the digital design process. It provides unique opportunities for innovation, enabling the designer to customise the software around their own predilections and modes of working. It liberates the designer by automating many routine aspects and repetitive activities of the design process, freeing-up the designer to spend more time on design thinking. Software that is modified through scripting offers a range of speculations that are not possible using the software only as the manufacturers intended it to be used. There are also significant economic benefits to automating routines and coupling them with emerging digital fabrication technologies, as time is saved at the front-end and new file-to-factory protocols can be taken advantage of. Most significantly perhaps, scripting as a computing program overlay enables the tool user (designer) to become the new tool maker (software engineer). Though scripting is not new to design, it is only recently that it has started to be regarded as integral to the designer’s skill set rather than a technical speciality.  Many designers are now aware of its potential, but remain hesitant.  This book treats scripting not only as a technical challenge, requiring clear description, guidance and training, but also, and more crucially, answers the question as to why designers should script in the first place, and what the cultural and theoretical implications are.
This book:

– Investigates the application of scripting for productivity, experimentation and design speculation.
– Offers detailed exploration of the scripting of Gaudí’s final realised design for the Sagrada Família, leading to file-to-factory digital fabrication.
– Features projects and commentary from over 30 contemporary scripting leaders, including Evan Douglis, Marc Fornes, Sawako Kaijima, Achim Menges, Neri Oxman, Casey Reas and Hugh Whitehead of Foster + Partners.

110706 | THEVERYMANY on Twitter

Stay tuned for the updates on on Twitter :


110706 FIRST PLACE | Creve Coeur, St-Louis, MO

MARC FORNES :: THEVERYMANY, LLC and VOLKAN ALKANOGLU win the competition for a bus stop in the city of CREVE COEUR (ST-Louis, MO).

Congratulation to the entire team! Looking forward to build it!

110526_MF @GD NYU

110506 FRAC Centre | Assembly (4/40)

FRAC Centre | Assembly | 10% : 4 modules / 40…


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